Adverse possession

What is adverse possession insurance?

You require an Adverse Possession legal indemnity insurance policy in circumstances when your Property includes land that is not registered in your name at the Land Registry but which is claimed by possession only, and the owner of that land challenges your possession.

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For added reassurance, all indemnity quotes / indemnity policies automatically include cover for legal expenses that are incurred in defending/dealing with a claim. As well as this, our legal indemnity policies last in perpetuity. That is, your Fortieture of Lease indemnity policy will cover the property indefinitely and remain in place after a sale.

Below are some frequently asked questions relating to the Adverse Possession policy.

What’s the maximum limit of indemnity I can select?

It is £5m for a residential property transaction and £25m for a commercial property transaction. However, for any contaminated land product, anything over £5m will be referred to our underwriters.

Can I buy more than one policy at a time?

Yes, you can select up to 4 different insurance products to combine under a single quote/policy. This will bring significant savings in premium compared to arranging individual quotes. If you select more than 4 products, your enquiry will be referred to our underwriters for bespoke consideration.

How will I receive my policy?

All documentation is sent to you by email – we do not provide paper copies of any documentation. If you need a paper copy, simply download and print from the service or the attachments emailed to you.

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