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What is Legal Indemnity Insurance?

During due diligence of a property particular issues may arise with a title that, in order for a house sale to proceed safely, need to be protected against. Instant Indemnity offers a extensive range of legal indemnity that will keep your clients home secure and mitigate their risk.

What cover does Instant Indemnity provide?

Our products cover all your residential property requirements. Our legal indemnity policies range from routine Search Indemnity to Planning Permission and Chancel Repair. If you need an indemnity policy for a residential property you can be sure Instant Indemnity’s comprehensive range will meet your needs.

Do you offer Bespoke Policies?

Yes. If you can not find what you are looking from our diverse and instantly available standard policies, you can contact our underwriters and they will be on hand to meet your needs.

What properties are covered by your legal indemnity policies?

Our wide range of policies covers all your residential property needs for houses in England and Wales.

Who can purchase legal indemnity policies from Instant Indemnity?

To be authorised to issue Legal Indemnity Insurance for your client, you must:

⊳ Be a practicing solicitor, licensed conveyance or legal executive
⊳ Ensure the issue instructions and acceptance criteria are met

If you are buying or selling a house please advise your solicitor to log on to Instant Indemnity to receive a quote on your behalf.

What is your limit of Indemnity?

We offer a limit of Indemnity up to £5,000,000. If your limit exceeds this please do not hesitate to contact us and we will try our best to meet your needs.

Can I purchase more than one policy for a single house?

Yes. You can combine up to four products under a single quote/policy at extremely competitive terms. It’s simple, all selected products catered for under a single quote/policy without the need to arrange separate quotes/policies.

Is there an additional charge for Insurance Premium Tax?

No. The Insurance Premium Tax is included in the price of a policy so there are no surprising hidden costs. What you see is what you get!

How will I receive the policy?

A policy will sent instantly to your mailbox as soon as it has been bought.

When does policy cover commence?

A policy becomes activated once as soon as it has been purchased.