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Buying Legal Indemnity no longer becomes a risky business

These days, consumers wouldn’t think twice about going online to buy all their insurance policies.  It’s quick and easy, plus they can compare quotes to see who offers the best value.

Contrast this to the legal conveyance profession which has yet to fully make the leap to the digital world and, instead, still tends to buy its legal indemnity insurance by phone, email and even fax.

Whilst these methods won’t necessarily prevent conveyance solicitors getting good value for money, they are, however, time consuming, may not allow quote comparisons and are very paper intensive, which could lead to policies being mislaid.

At Instant Indemnity, we’ve come up with a new way for solicitors to buy and manage their conveyancing insurance that will save them time and money; and all with just a few clicks.

We offer our customers a selection of three quotes for every legal indemnity policy; a cheaper ‘No Rating’ option, a medium priced household name insurer  and a more expensive A+ rated insurer. This provides much greater choice, allowing them to tailor the policy to their client’s specific needs and stops them having to search around the internet for different quotes.

We also allow solicitors to combine up to four covers under a single quote, which will save them time in the future as it prevents hem having to repeat the purchase next time around.

They also get a personal Quote Manager, which stores all their policy history in one place. This gives them easy access to all their previous quotes, eliminates a cumbersome paper trail and stops policies being mislaid.

At Instant Indemnity we offer over forty instantly available legal contingency insurance products, including planning permission and building regulation indemnity, restrictive covenant policy and search insurance, all with a limit of indemnity up to £5,000,000.

We include ‘Instant’ in our company name for a reason and means that we can send the draft policy copy straight to a solicitor or client with just one click.

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