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Here at Instant Indemnity, we pride ourselves on our customer service. We provide solicitors with access to a secure, cost effective menu of legal indemnity policies that are purchased instantly and commence the same day.

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Please know, we cannot sell policies directly to members of the public. If you are buying or selling a house and require insurance, contact your solicitor or licensed conveyancer to get a quote on your behalf.

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20th October 2016

It may come as an unholy shock to home buyers to learn that they could receive a surprise demand for money from their local parish church.Dating back to the 13th Century, Chancel Repair Liability is a medieval law that entitles the parish council to ask for a contribution, or ‘tithe’ from homeowners for upkeep of the church, particularly if major works are needed, for example, to repair the roof.While the government attempted to phase out the law (by requiring parish councils to register the liability on the title of the property by October 13 2013), the current position remains somewhat confusing for potential purchasers. Essentially, the absence of a notice on the title register does not necessarily mean you are free from chancel repair liability. If the pre-exchange searches carried out by your solicitor reveal that the property is in an area which is potentially subject to the liability, there is a risk that you could be landed with a large bill from the church.To mitigate this, legal indemnity specialists Instant Indemnity offers Chancel Repair indemnity insurance that will protect you against these devilish demands. Get in touch with us for a quote by clicking here.

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12th October 2016

Contaminated land has long been a concern for residential buyers particularly as brown field sites are being increasingly used to build on these days. When discovered, it can involve crippling costs if clean-up is required and could lead to a significant loss in the property's value.Recognising the significance of the problem, the Law Society has recently issued a practice note on the subject, offering its guidance in regards to the steps that conveyancers should take in order to protect their clients.Their guidance states that in all purchases, unless instructed otherwise, a CON29 search should be undertaken in order to reveal whether land has been designated by the local authority as contaminated. Although a negative response to the search might suggest there is no contamination, in reality it could also very easily mean that no conclusion has been reached about the site, or that it hasn't yet been inspected.The Law Society makes a number of suggestions if contamination is a potential issue, including one that suggests that solicitors should ‘consider and advise your clients on the appropriateness of obtaining an environmental insurance policy'.At Instant Indemnity, you’ll be pleased to hear that we offer such a legal indemnity policy which we're confident will offer a simple remedy to the problem of historical contamination.The policy covers all costs involved in complying with a remediation notice issued by the local authority, or for carrying out works to prevent a notice being served. Our policy also covers any loss in market value of a property when sold in the future, following a claim.Whether or not you've obtained an environmental report, and providing no official investigation or activity is underway, our cover is freely available and protects both the purchaser and lender.Don’t let contaminated land spoil your clients’ properties so get in touch with us for a quote by clicking here.

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Magnifying glass selects or inspects a eco-home in a row of hous

12th September 2016

Time is an all too precious commodity, so the last thing conveyancers need is delays while waiting for local authority searches. In a worrying trend, solicitors, from various parts of the country, are increasingly seeing their transactions being held up by their local authorities who are struggling to keep up with the demand for searches.Help is at hand, however, as conveyancers have been turning to us to provide them with our instant Search Delay indemnity policy in order to help them overcome this problem.The Search Delay policy is designed to move transactions on when a search has not been received, by providing cover against any adverse entries that are revealed once a search is received after completion, and which were otherwise unknown.So if you’re fed up with waiting for searches, why not speed things along with cover from legal indemnity specialists Instant Indemnity? Get in touch with us for a quote by clicking here.

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30th August 2016

These days, consumers wouldn’t think twice about going online to buy all their insurance policies.  It’s quick and easy, plus they can compare quotes to see who offers the best value.Contrast this to the legal conveyance profession which has yet to fully make the leap to the digital world and, instead, still tends to buy its legal indemnity insurance by phone, email and even fax.Whilst these methods won’t necessarily prevent conveyance solicitors getting good value for money, they are, however, time consuming, may not allow quote comparisons and are very paper intensive, which could lead to policies being mislaid.At Instant Indemnity, we’ve come up with a new way for solicitors to buy and manage their conveyancing insurance that will save them time and money; and all with just a few clicks.We offer our customers a selection of three quotes for every legal indemnity policy; a cheaper ‘No Rating’ option, a medium priced household name insurer  and a more expensive A+ rated insurer. This provides much greater choice, allowing them to tailor the policy to their client’s specific needs and stops them having to search around the internet for different quotes.We also allow solicitors to combine up to four covers under a single quote, which will save them time in the future as it prevents hem having to repeat the purchase next time around.They also get a personal Quote Manager, which stores all their policy history in one place. This gives them easy access to all their previous quotes, eliminates a cumbersome paper trail and stops policies being mislaid.At Instant Indemnity we offer over forty instantly available legal contingency insurance products, including planning permission and building regulation indemnity, restrictive covenant policy and search insurance, all with a limit of indemnity up to £5,000,000.We include ‘Instant’ in our company name for a reason and means that we can send the draft policy copy straight to a solicitor or client with just one click.For more information or to get quotes today just click here.

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